Welcome to the The Apollo Enhanced Absolute Return Fund. The Apollo Enhanced Absolute Return Fund has been established with the primary aim of growing the wealth of investors over the medium to long term.

In recent years there has been significant development in the Structured Product market, which has led to a wealth of opportunities in every asset class. The Apollo Multi Asset Management Team, has a long and successful history of both creating and investing into structured products.

The best way to maximise growth opportunities is by adopting a multi asset strategy, as no one asset class performs well at all stages of the economic cycle and diversification is key. Apollo’s fund management team are specialists in this type of investment and have the necessary experience to create the optimum portfolio to produce capital growth enhancing returns. In essence, each asset class has its own characteristics such as average return, correlation, volatility and specific periods within the investment cycle to which it is most suited.

The Apollo Enhanced Absolute Return Fund combines Apollo’s multi-asset expertise with their structured product experience to deliver growth through a combination of different assets.

The Fund is only available to investors through their Financial Advisors and offers Sterling, US Dollar and €uro share classes.