The Apollo Archer

Gong Hey Fat Choy – Will it be for China? After years of worrying about Europe, the World’s attention is now looking to China as the potential risk of “known unknowns”, with George Soros warning that a China slowdown is the biggest worry for 2014. Fears of a sharper slowdown in China also topped investors’ concerns of prospective risks for this year, according to a survey of fund managers released by Bank of America Merrill Lynch last week. 2014 is the year of the “Wooden Horse” but will it be the year of the “Trojan Horse” and hidden surprises? There are two major worries: the pace of the economic slowdown and the vulnerability of the financial system to problems in the “shadow banking” sector. Economists and investors around the world have been fretting in recent days about the effects on smaller emerging markets if China’s economic slowdown worsens. Those concerns contributed to the dive in share prices and currencies from Jakarta to Istanbul to Buenos Aires. They helped to prod… { Read the full article… }